The Land Market

Self-Directed IRA ?

What kind of return are you getting on your present IRA? Not enough I'll bet! It's sad what the big banks and the Fed has done to the hard working people in this country that have saved their whole life for retirement. And they're not done yet! Take charge of your money and invest it as YOU see fit. Change your IRA into a Self Directed IRA that YOU can manage. Here's one of many websites that you can use for research -   
Consult your tax advisor before your IRA ends up like Social Security.......... then give me a call and we'll find an investment that will be there when you want it not is some stock broker's pocket.

Buyers - look for Deals

Location is of prime importance in residential real estate, but in land, it's timing.  Think about what type of development will occur on the property, how soon, and what permits will be involved.  Then gauge the change in market conditions which will be prevalent when you are ready to sell.

One timing issue that you might consider is the IRS' 2-year limitation on deducting business losses against profits in a preceding year.  2006 was the last year many builders made a profit, so they may price their real estate more aggressively to sell by the end of this year and take the loss.

Where Can You Find a Real Estate Deal ?

In today's land and rural real estate market, there are great buys available, but it's more important than ever to use an experienced, knowledgeable Realtor.  Remember, buyer services don't cost YOU anything.  The seller pays.  So contact me to help you find a great deal in land or rural real estate.

Land & Ranch Buyers Basic Questions


Owning a farm or ranch can be very rewarding.  You may want to leave the crowded cities and explore rural living.  But you need to do your homework.  They are complex businesses to run, and very complex real estate transactions to complete. 



Visit the Noble Foundation's website at for a world of information on buying a farm or ranch as an investment or business.


Here are a few questions to consider before you purchase land:



  1. How much of my time will the farm/ranch require?
  2. Am I willing to make that time commitment?
  3. What are the tax benefits/pitfalls of the investment?
  4. What do I need to know - do I have the knowledge or do I have to go to school?
  5. Who do I need to know - do I have the knowledge base of professionals in the field?
  6. How much gross income can I expect?
  7. Do I have the knowledge to prepare a pro forma for the business or know someone who can help me?
  8. Will the net profits be enough to support me/my family?
  9. What do I need to purchase in addition to the real estate? 
  10.      Livestock?
  11.      Equipment?
  12. Do I have the financial means to undertake this investment?
  13. What do I need to know about the property?
  14.      Access
  15.      Wetland/ecology/historical considerations
  16.      Zoning
  17.      Easements
  18.      Flood potential
  19.      Water availability
  20.      Ground water contamination
  21.      Population growth in vicinity
  22.      Water quality
  23.      Hunting/fishing restrictions
  24. Do I have the knowledge to research the property and business or do I know someone who can help me?

I've been in the land and livestock business all my life, in one capacity or the other.  Contact me with your questions and concerns.  I'll give you straight answers, even if it means discouraging you from buying that property.  No brag. Just facts.


Steve Stephenson






Buyers - Ask Me Your Questions


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