Tips for Selling in Today's Market

Buyer Incentives That Work

Buyers are not in a hurry to decide in our current market - there is a lot of inventory, and they aren't convinced prices have hit bottom.

Consider offering perks for builders - not just seller financing, but subordinating land payments to the developer's construction loan.  Some land sellers now include a "true number" clause in sales contracts, which gives them a bonus if a builder makes a larger profit on a development, when the market recovers.

Timing is All-Important in a tight market

Have a long-term view of your property, and try to answer questions a buyer will ask:

What development will occur on your land

When will it happen - how long will the approval process be

How will market conditions have changed by then

Sellers Need to be Inventive and Realistic

More than ever, sellers need the guidance and experience of a Realtor who knows the land market in Arizona, who can help you set a marketable price for your real estate.

Ranch and Farm Transactions are Unique

Transactions involving ranches and farms are quite different than other real estate sales.  Water rights, livestock, farm production, leases, capacity, and tax issues are just a few of the complex considerations involved.  Even more important than knowledge of these management concerns, is an understanding of the lifestyle.  We in this country have a romantic notion of the cowboy on a horse on the range, but the life involves hard work and commitment most folks don't realize.

I have lived the lifestyle for many years, and been involved in the land and livestock industries since a boy.  If you think you might sell, you need a representative who knows the industry, who understands how to work with all the people who would be involved in transferring your ownership, and who has the knowledge of all aspects of the land and livestock business. 

Each seller and each transaction are different, but I apply creative marketing, state-of-the-art technology, and a customized plan to your property.  I have the contacts, know the industry, and where to find you a buyer at a fair price.  I will honestly present your business or land to qualified buyers, and work with you to prepare an accurate profile for our marketing package. 

If you want to discuss the possibilities with a CPA, or attorney, or 1031 exchange facilitator, I can recommend professionals who can counsel you.  Please contact me with any questions or just to discuss your options. 

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