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According to Progressive Farmer, "Wall Street Eyes Farmland - Again"

"People really do believe agriculture is headed for a super cycle" says Kenneth Van Heel, Global Director of Dow Chemical's Pension Fund.

John Lamb, World Bank agribusiness team leader, says "It's like the California gold rush"

Marcia Zarley Taylor's article predicts that the fight for farmland, in the US, by corporate farming is going to double the price of farmland in the next 5 years.

Don't miss this cycle. It hasn't happened for 40 years and the bargains won't last long.

Agriculture, Commercial, Industrial, or Residential. Whatever you're interested in is truly on sale today. Help Yourself, give me a call.


Taken from CattleNetwork:

A growing global population has stock traders looking to agribusiness as the next hot investment sector.

“With an estimated 9.2 billion mouths to feed by 2050, up from 6.8 billion now, and growing demand from wealthier emerging-market consumers for a high-protein diet, the challenge of feeding the world looks daunting,” says the Wall Street Journal. “In theory, that should provide a huge secular boost to agribusiness stocks over the coming years. But it will still require investors to have an appetite for risk.”

That’s because certain ag sectors are incredibly volatile and unpredictable. Meanwhile, farmers still face a credit crunch and a rocky banking and financial industry recovery.

Therefore, while the future holds promise for agribusiness holdings, investors had better be in it for the long haul to realize their best returns. Just like farmers


According to CattleNetwork:

Superior Livestock Auction is now owned by SLAI,LLC which is a wholly owned entity of Farm Credit West,ACA.

Superior pioneered video cattle auctions via satellite in 1987 and Internet sales in about 1997. I was a Rep for about 10 years and represented a load or two on the first Internet sale.

Superior's co-founder Jim Odle will stay on as General Manager. If you have a load of cattle to sell, call Jim at 800-523-6610.

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